Mattress For your Body Type

Everyone deserves a perfect sleep at night, which comes with an exact match of your body and the mattress you are sleeping on. The type of mattress varies accordingly as the type of body varies. The quality of the mattress doesn’t matter unless there is the perfect combination of mattress type and body type.

The selection of mattresses is similar to buy new clothes for you where you consider the ups and downs in your body and then reach for a perfect match of your body.

Buying a perfect mattress for great sleep, and you forget to consider your body type, do you think that will be the perfect mattress? If you want a comfortable and healthy sleep, you must be considering the best suitable mattress according to your body type. Let us guide you about different body types, and the mattresses matching those types, so that it will be a lot easier for you to buy your mattress.

Straight or Flat Body Type

People with straight or flat body type do not require to be worried about balancing the weight while sleeping as the body exerts the same pressure on whole parts of the body, and thus pressure points like the belly, hip, and back are not heavy.

These people can go with a thin comfort layer for better sleep. A cool top mattress that has a thickness of about 3 or 4 inches is the best consideration.

Curvy Body Type

As the name tells, a curvy body will have more defined curves that must be properly fitting into the mattress as one seeps. The selection of the mattress for curvy people is a little bit difficult as there is a mixed feeling of slimness and bulkiness at the same time.

A thick and soft layer is perfect for filling in the gaps between curves. A mattress having a dense foam will be the best consideration to align the spine in the perfect position. As the weight contribution is the primary concern for the curvy body type, one can go for an air mattress, plush mattress, or a simple foam one. All these mattresses will provide a balanced overall weight distribution.

Average Body Shape

This body type lies in between the curvy and flat body type. The pressure points are not as heavy as in the case of the straight body type and not as light as in the case of the curvy body type. Sleepers have to choose the mattress that equally distributes the weight over the pressure points and rest of the body parts.

Well! a combination of a thick layered mattress with a thin comfort upper layer would best serve the purpose for average body type as the body will not completely sink into the mattress nor it will misalign the spine position. So a double-layered mattress with a firm bottom and a thinner soft upper layer would be just perfect for healthy and comfortable sleep.