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Can Marijuana Ease Mental Health Issues?

With over half of the states legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, the drug’s use for mental health management has been questioned. Most people are interested in whether cannabidiol or CBD can be used to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

The world of late has been opening to the presence of mental health issues, with various celebrities admitting to struggling with their mental health. At the same time, some of these public figures have claimed to use marijuana to deal with the concerns. People also access various content on cannabis and its effects on mental health which they would like to act upon.

So, can marijuana ease mental health issues?

Even though the medical use of marijuana has grown in recent times, research on it has not had a similar growth trajectory. Its impact on mental health and other outcomes have particularly not been studied as much. Therefore, there is inadequate evidence that supports marijuana’s impact on easing mental health.

With the little evidence available, cannabis does not yet qualify as the best medication when dealing with mental health issues.

However, even without the medical field approval, most people have already used marijuana to manage mental health. Medical marijuana facilities like the medical and recreational dispensary in Lapeer have made it possible to access weed for various conditions. Most cannabis users tend to feel calmer after using it.

So, is it the medical research industry deliberately delaying the full marijuana uptake, or has the usage outstripped research? Only time will tell. As medical marijuana use becomes more mainstream, more studies will follow.

Can marijuana cause mental health issues?

Other than easing mental issues there have also been concerns about the possibility of marijuana causing mental health. Just like with easing the conditions, there are fewer studies on its impact on the same. However, few studies have confirmed that there might be concerns depending on the age one starts using it and frequency.

The one through which marijuana has been established to impact mental health is through depression and anxiety. The anxiety depends on the reasons for the marijuana use and the environment. Some people tend to feel tense before using marijuana. However, with time it can become bearable.

The other way it can impact mental health is through schizophrenia most so for those who start using it in the early ages. However, most places only allow those above 21 years to use medical marijuana, therefore this should not be a risk for most users.

What can you do?

Even though there seem to be both risks and ease of mental health issues after marijuana use, it is widely positive. If you feel depressed or need to calm down, you can look for marijuana.

Look for a dispensary in Lapeer for the guide on how to use marijuana depending on your conditions. They have experts who will guide you on how best to use the product and frequency. You can visit Michigan for its advanced medical marijuana programs.

Remember to keep to the guidelines, as you don’t want to use it too much and risk addiction or other impacts.

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