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What Happens to Your Social Security Disability Benefits Once Your Condition Improves?

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits provide financial help to people who can’t work due to a serious medical condition. A recipient of these benefits can continue to get them as long as they meet the eligibility requirements of the Social Security Administration (SSA). But, if the condition gets better, a person loses their eligibility. If you have questions regarding your SSD, a phoenix disability attorney can give the answers you are looking for. 

Why You May Stop Receiving Disability Benefits?

The SSA may stop giving you benefits if you earn more than $1, 3010 per month, which is the substantial gainful activity (SGA) limit. Also, the agency may decide to stop your benefits if your medical condition is no longer as serious that you can already return to work. The agency will conduct a routine review of your disability case. At every review, you should show that your condition is serious enough to keep you from working. 

How Often Does the SSA Review Your Case?

The SSA uses continuing disability reviews to identify recipients who may not be eligible for disability benefits anymore. The frequency of these reviews depends on your condition’s nature and prognosis. If your condition is expected to improve, the SSA may review your disability case every 6-18 months. If your condition will never improve, it will be reviewed every 3 years. For conditions that are unlikely to improve, a review is carried out every 7 years. 

Changes to Your Conditions Must be Reported to the SSA

As a disability recipient, you must report any changes that may impact your eligibility for disability benefits, including improvement in your condition. Failure to report a change could result in serious legal trouble. Also, you may deal with serious financial hardships as you might be asked to repay the disability payments you got after your medical condition has improved. If your condition improves that you can already return to work, you can apply for a work incentive program to keep your benefits. The SSA provides programs to help recipients of disability benefits transition back into the workforce. 

Find a Lawyer Who Will Protect Your Rights

Should your medical condition improve and you don’t know how to proceed, consult a qualified disability attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can advise you on how to best move forward and how to tell the SSA about the changes to your medical condition. If the SSA has stopped your benefits after reviewing your case, your attorney can file an appeal for you. 

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